Fun team building activities that people love

Bring people together through the magic of nature with virtual, in-person or hybrid team building events 

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Is this complicated to organize? What are the logistics?

It’s plug-and-play on your end. We send you a template to simply fill out the name and addresses of all participants. We handle shipping of the Moss Art kits. Domestic shipping is included in the per-kit price. International shipping is extra.

You get access to a google sheet with tracking links, showing you who has received their kits.

At the appointed time, everyone shows up on Zoom or Google Meet and has a grand mossy time with our moss instructor guiding the way.

Get ready to receive glowing appreciation from your employees (and your boss) the next day!

It’s as simple as that!

Are the parties kid-friendly?

Of course! What kid doesn’t love crafting?

Our clients have reported that the best experiences come when the family joins – kids, partners and pets.

What makes Naturely Box team building events different?

With increasing remote work, team members are increasingly feeling burned out from sitting in front of their screens all day. Many team building activities aimed at boosting employee experience require participants to sit and stare at their screens, which is the last thing they want to do. 

In contrast, Naturely Box will get your team members actively and immersively engaged, head down focused on creating moss’terpieces.

Travel virtually to the lush deep green forest with Naturely Box! 

With moss art making, ice breakers and trivia, your employees will be laughing with delight.  It is engagement, creativity, and social connection combined to increase the sense of community and connection within your organization.

How big or small can the event be?

We can handle teams of any size, large or small!

What is the experience like when we host a team building event with NaturelyBox

A Naturely Box instructor will lead a 60 minute online workshop for any number of participants.

First, our instructor guides your teammates on the basics of creating a moss art. 

Once everyone has the basics down, then the fun and games begin! We have moss trivia and wrap up with a “show a tell” to everyone’s moss’terpieces.

How soon can we have our virtual team building event?

We can plan your event in as little as two weeks (if virtual and domestic)

How do we get started?

Please fill out the form on this page, and that will take you to a calendar scheduling link for a conversation with one of our dedicated consultants.

We’ll get you set up for your event in no time!